Want to avoid traffic (or the airport) and talk to me online?

Large research studies that have been published in peer reviewed journals have found that online therapy is as effective, and sometimes more effective, than face to face therapy. Virtual therapy is convenient for people to attend online appointments regularly. Because meeting online is so much more convenient and very private, people are more consistent about it. 

I use a secure HIPPA compliant online platform, called doxy.me. It’s easy and secure. A "virtual visit", also known as telemedicine is a secure, live webstreaming video connection between you (on your computer or smartphone) and me. It’s HIPAA compliant, encrypted and no patient information is stored.


It's easy.

Schedule a virtual appointment, just like you would an office visit. Use a Mac, Personal Computer or Chromebook with camera, microphone, and speakers. Use headphones when possible so only you and the other person can hear our conversation. You need an internet connection with at least 350kb/s download and upload speeds. You can test your speed with here. doxy.me only supports Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Make sure your browser (Chrome or Firefox) is up to date (restarting your computer often does the trick)

Download Chrome here and Firefox here if you don’t have them. Javascript must be enabled (this is enabled by default, and we'll give you a message in Doxy.me if you need to enable it)

I will send you a Virtual Visit link. Click on that link from your computer or mobile device 10 minutes prior to your visit time, type your name and check in. This will place you in you in my virtual “waiting room.”

If you wait more than 10—15 minutes, then contact me directly here.



There are situations where online therapy and counseling are not appropriate.

For example, where there are serious mental health issues involved, or couples with very emotionally volatile relationships, in person counseling will be more beneficial. We’ll decide that together in our initial consultation.

Online therapy is limited to Colorado and Wisconsin residents only.

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